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The Drafting Room - A quality design and drafting service

The Drafting Room:

†††††† Is a support based business offering Computer Aided Design and Drafting services. The Drafting Room is committed to your satisfaction. When YOU succeed then WE succeed. Your project will be completed according to your specifications. We will work together to make sure the final documents match the requirements of your project.

†††††† The Drafting Room provides low cost, high quality design and drafting services to you. The Drafting Room maintains and updates its workstations and equipment regularly. It upgrades its software to provide you with documents ready for todayís fast changing environment. The Drafting room is committedto providing you with the highest level of quality on all your projects no matter how big or small. The Drafting Room works with engineers, builders, contractors and everyday people to produce drawings for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The Drafting Room can produce accurate and professional drawings for all stages of the design process. At the Drafting Room our associates have advanced skills in specialized fields of design. With that in mind we have also found that being knowledgeable and capable in other fields of design has often proved to be indispensable. The Drafting Room has skilled associates currently working in all major disciplines.




The Drafting Room was created in 2001 by Jean Harrington. Jeanís background was primarily in Industrial Mechanical Design. The Drafting Room is located in a small rural community in Southwest Washington State. At that time there was no design or drafting services located in the vicinity and there was a need for these services. Jean also wanted to be able to maintain a good working relationship with her former business associates located many miles away.

†††††† Since that time Jean has worked hard at building good working relationships with her associates both near and far. The Drafting room has grown into a well respected small business. The Drafting Room has a proven record of producing quality work and in completing assignments in minimal time.

P O Box 72

Lebam, WA 98554

Phone: 360-934-5350

Fax: 360-934-5350

Email: info@TheDraftingRoom.com

To contact us:

Business Owner / Consultant

Jean Harrington

At the Drafting Room we put your ideas on paperThe Drafting Room - A design and drafting service.

How can The Drafting Room help you?

          For some of you this is a one time need for professional design and drafting services.

          For some the Drafting Room can handle all your drafting needs. The Drafting Room can be your virtual drafting department.

          For others the Drafting Roomcan handle your overflow when you have a deadline to meet and need some extra help. The Drafting Room can operate as an extension of your in-house drafting department.

          The Drafting Room is on-line and ready to work any time day or night to meet your needs. Your project can be delivered on time and within budget.

          The Drafting Room is eager to help you with what ever your needs might be. The Drafting Room has a well trained and experienced staff.

          Maybe you have a technical question about drafting or AutoCAD. Keep the Drafting Rooms number handy give us a call or e-mail us and we will sure try to help.

(The Drafting Room has walked one Engineer who will remain nameless, through the process of plotting more than one time on Saturday morning when no one was in the office to help him!)